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Sports Quota (SP) : Candidates who claim reservation under Sports Quota shall fulfil their eligibility based on the norms of Kerala State Sports Council appended in Annexure XVIII (ii) prior to submission of application, for the seats as prescribed in the Prospectus.


The candidate should forward the original application form to the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, and a photocopy of the application to the Secretary, Kerala State Sports Council, Thiruvananthapuram-695001. The Sports Council will allot marks to the candidates according to their proficiency in sports. The maximum mark for proficiency is 500. [Guidelines of the Sports Council for award of Marks for proficiency in Sports is given under Annexure XVIII (ii) of the KEAM 2011 Prospectus]. The Sports Council Authorities will collect the Roll Number from the candidates and furnish it in the proficiency mark list for sports. The mark list of candidates under ‘Individual Events’ and ‘Team Events’ should be repared separately and forwarded to the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations so as to reach him on or before 30th April 2011. In the case of candidates seeking admission to Medical/Agriculture courses, the marks out of 500 awarded to the candidates for proficiency in sports will be added to the marks obtained by the respective candidates in the Medical Entrance Examination (provided they are ranked in the Entrance Examination), computed out of 500. In the case of candidates seeking admission to Engineering courses, the marks out of 500 awarded to the candidates for proficiency in sports will be added to the marks arrived at, for the preparation of Engineering rank list, computed out of 500. So, the candidates would be eligible for a maximum index mark of 1000. The merit list of individual and team events will be prepared on the basis of inter-se merit of the candidates computed as above and will be published separately.


At the time of preparation of the rank list under sports quota, if there is any tie in the total marks, it will be resolved by the same principle of resolution of tie for the preparation of Engineering/Medical rank list, as the case may be, of the Entrance Examination.


The seats under Sports quota will be filled up by giving equal representation to both individual and team events. The principle adopted will be 1:1 which will be implemented by allotting seats alternatively between individual event and team event. The allotment will start with the event, whether individual or team, to which a candidate secures the highest index mark. This principle will be followed for allotment of seats in Engineering, Medical/Agriculture & allied courses. If there is any vacancy in the 50% seats reserved for individual events/team events, the seats shall be filled up by candidates from the other category.


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